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The 12 Virtues of Organic Silicon Si-G5

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Organic Silicon G5 is renowned throughout the world for its extraordinary benefits especially on the strength and flexibility of bones and joints. For over 20 years, the Glycan Research mobilizes all its efforts to provide many people suffering, Organic Silicon G5 The original, concentrated 2500mg, no parabens, no aluminum salts, GMO or preservatives.

Silicium Organique G5

The 12 Virtues of Organic Silicon Si-G5:

1 - Increases and strengthens immune capacity weakened by food, pollution and drugs.

2 - Increases collagen production needed for reconstruction and preservation of cartilage.

3 - Strengthens the strength, flexibility and mobility of tendons, muscles and bones.

4 - Maintains youth and the protection of the tissues and ligaments.

5 - Maintains youth and maintaining beautiful skin fresh and smooth (tensor effect anti-aging and pulpant).

6 - Increases remarkable elasticity and density of vein tissue, arteries and heart.

7 - Slows down hair loss, strengthens their structure and stimulates their rapid growth.

8 - Maintains healthy nails, not cracked, spotless and shiny.

9 - Accelerates bone calcification and mineralization.

10 - Stimulates the restructuring of collagen fibers and accelerates healing.

11 - Improves cardiovascular capacity and blood microcirculation.

12 - Affine mental acuity, fight against fatigue, stress, depression and gloom.

5 reasons to choose the Silicon Si-G5 Glycan

1 - Warranty Brand The Original.

2 - Superior Quality and concentrated 2500mg.

3 - Nature Green Paraben-Preservative-GMO-free aluminum palm oil-free Gluten-free Lactose salts (including gels).

4 - Authorization Silica-G5 EFSA accepted throughout the European community.

5 - Sold manufacturer direct price: pay a 2 to 3 times cheaper than the competition according to the quantities purchased.

Why Organic Silicon G5 Original Today!

It is recognized that the G5 taken regularly, prevents and improves suffering due to disease or advanced in age.

Even today, prohibitively expensive (40 € per liter) related to inadequate dosing (you must drink 3 liters per month to obtain a sufficient daily supplementation element silicon (75mg / day) or 120 € of purchase per month) do not allow anyone to take advantage of all the benefits of the G5.

This is why for many years we have gradually lowered production costs and G5 distribution to achieve a single price of 13 € excluding postage, allowing all consumers to benefit from this essential nutrient for our health and our well-being.


We bring to the attention of our guests that our products do not contain parabens or other preservatives.

To avoid expensive returns and unjustified products, acrid, bitter taste of the products and light acidity are conventional and acceptable and should not be considered as an alteration of the properties of the products. This can result in bitterness significant concentration our products so that the daily needs of consumers be assured. In no case an acrid taste is synonymous with products unfit for consumption.

As well as the presence of some air under pressure escaping from the bottle at the time of opening, this phenomenon being natural.


These general observations also apply to products and Arthrosil OSTEOSILICIUM line.

Note taste and smell moderate (fish) for Arthrosil due to the presence of chondroitin or CHOLINE CHLORIDE OR CITRATE.

IT is possible to dilute the daily dose of 30 ml of Silicon in a glass of mineral water to mitigate possible bitterness of the product.

We thank you in advance for your attention and understanding.



ORGANIC SILICON G5 Glycan TM Group is not manufactured according to the following toxic methods but by the citrate method (OSA-stabilized CHOSA) organic parts:



The CAS No. 2445-53-6 monomethylsilanetriol or MMST  was declared unfit for consumption by mouth or oral route despite two presentations EFSA-ANS, due to their potential toxicity and danger or insecurity, raw materials or final obtained or used.

Only externally versions are accepted or tolerated for MMST ..

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EFSA papers in 2009 and 2010 confirm the above

 EFSA -ANS--AFSSAPS DGCCRF decided not to authorize the use of MMST in additives and / or food supplements due to potential toxicity ADI or accumulation.

Indeed the basic source Methyl Siliconate Potassium or T51 RHODORSIL CAS No. 31795-24-1 is used in the operations of fireproof concrete!.

           SiSiB® WR0777 Water Repellent

This base MMST complexed with Phosphoric Acid and / or Sodium salicylate ((Orthohydroxybenzoate) CAS No. 69-72-7 - Basic drawing families Parabens E 214-E218 to produce the molecule bound by MMST Hydrogen bonds to Sodium salicylate or of Phosphoric acid Potassium)



Leads to toxic solutions according to EFSA serious studies on two occasions on samples from two different sources in Europe.

As a function of pH (1.5 to 4.5)

the MMST is polycondensed (polymerization) and gives rise to insoluble and toxic Silicones "Like" button to liver and kidney filters.

It is obvious that European agencies have applied the precautionary principle for these products MMST by not allowing the use of the Organic Silicon in food additives in 2009-2010

Documents, available for download, demonstrate the risks (QED) regarding the use of MMST products produced by the methods or T51.


- Experience macroscopique RHODORSIL T51H+MMST polymérisé (07122015)

- image 01

- image 02

- image 03


We thank you in advance for your attention and understanding.